E-commerce/B2C consulting

We have numerous success stories in which our clients have multiplied their annual turnover thanks to the strategies we have decided on together.

This experience, and access to different technological tools, allows us to know the market trends and therefore determine the best plan for each client.

Diagnosis and
market analysis



We analyze the visits to your website: Demographic, geographic, what they see, through which channels they arrive.

We analyze the demand for your products by country.

We analyze the online demand for your products.


Which of your followers in social media are influencers.

Brand recognition.

What they do and how they do it


We suggest improvements in order to better convey your value proposition and make it more appealing to potential clients. In this way, you not only get more clients, but also higher quality leads.

Strategy, plan
and objectives


We translate that strategy into concrete actions. We help with the strategy in them, but also with the operational one. We create the advertising campaigns and we optimize them. We do not take care of/ are not in charge of/ do not handle the creative part of design.

Advertising on Youtube Ads
SEO and SEM positioning SEO y SEM
Inbound Marketing
Advertising on Facebook & Instagram Ads
Advertising on TikTok
Google Shopping & Amazon Ads


We turn data into information. Using our experience from past clients, we “convert” your advertising data to useful information that can be utilised for strategic decision making.

Analysis, conclusions and next steps


The most difficult thing is knowing what to analyze and deciding what the next step should be. We help you with this too. We decide what to analyze and what the key metrics will be.

We decide what to analyze and what the key metrics will be.
We transform the data into information.
We keep track of those metrics.
We draw conclusions.
We decide on next steps.


Fashion Accessories E-commerce

Fashion Accessories E-commerce

✓ International Expansion
✓ Refinement of FB/IG ads
✓ Diversification of online advertising channels
✓ Development of the ecosystem of online tools ecosystem to increase efficiency

Mercedes Benz dealer network

Mercedes Benz dealer network

✓ Analysis of the competition and demand by market
✓ Business strategy by segment
✓ Refinement of google ads advertising
✓ Improving brand recognition

Handmade jewelry made in Barcelona

Handmade jewelry made in Barcelona

✓ Development and implementation of the digital strategy
✓ Activation of online advertising as a source of sales
✓ Digital transformation
✓ Improvements in logistics providers, payment methods, conversion rate

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